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Custom Homes & Renovations

Putting Two Decades Of Experiance To Work For You

DR Builders not only maximize your space but also increase the value of your home. Elevate the style and boost the quality of your entire home. Having house renovations can get a little overwhelming, we believe our system can help lessen the stress and complications presented along the way. We’ll provide you and your family an enjoyable and successful experience. Just sit back and watch our team bring your dream to life!

DR Builders, LLC is a seventeen (17) year old company whose primary focus has been Custom Homes, Renovation, Additions, roofing and roof repairs, along with Storm Repairs. DR Builders has always been and continues to be focused on client satisfaction from the beginning to the completion of each project, regardless of the size of the job or the scope of the work.

The Principal/Owner has Fifty (50) years of experience in Building, Engineering and Real Estate Development. His approach to every project is the same. He approaches it as if he was building it for himself, while keeping in mind that the end products must meet all client requirements and expectations.

He doesn’t accept the normal response from subcontractors and craftsmen “this is just the way we do it and the inspector will accept it”, it has to meet his standards before the Building Inspector performs an inspection as he is aware the Building Inspector only looks for MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS of the Building Code, he looks for the product that was promised and is deserved by every client, QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. He believes the scope of work that can’t be seen after the owner moves in is just as important as the finishes that are exposed. We are a Custom Home Builder and would welcome the opportunity to provide our services that fit your needs whether it’s a new home, renovation, addition or storm repair.

DR Builders has all the Professional Staff and Master Craftsmen to provide you with your dream home the way you want it, not the Architect or the DRB, after all you are the one paying for it and you will be living in it. We will take your concept and ideas and produce professional drawings for your review while being consistent with all ARB and Local Government requirements and taking all the necessary steps to achieve YOUR goal and objectives.

We will meet with the governing authority (ARB, DRB or Local Officials) on your behalf if you so desire to insure compliance while ensuring we deliver the home you have chosen and asked us to build. We handle the “hassle” while you continue with your life. DR Builders has the Design Professionals (Licensed Architects, Engineers & Surveyors) and Master Craftsmen of all trades to produce the results you expect.

If you already have your plans and are satisfied with them, we would welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal for the construction and/or construction management of your current and/or upcoming project. Furthermore, if you have a set of current plans and wish to make changes or modification(s), we can do that too. We use the latest technology in design and construction to insure our clients can see what they are getting and what to expect.

Our Critical Path Scheduling includes all activities and task required to complete the project from design to move-in. This method of scheduling includes procurement of specialty items to insure timely delivery eliminating negative impacts on the schedule. We don’t just keep this in our office, we share it with all project leaders, most importantly our client. It also assists when an Owner is thinking of making a change during Design or Construction, it will show any delays that may occur as a result thereof.

We also offer Specialty Services for the following: Storm Damage/Repair Brick, Stone and Masonry Concrete, Clay and Stone Pavers. Concrete Foundations, Slabs & Walls Outdoor Kitchens Stucco and Tabby Construction of all types Custom Indoor Venison Plasterwork, from Shelves, Mantels, Fire Place Accents & Concrete Countertops for Outdoor Kitchens. Custom Wood Gates and Fences Clearing, Grading and Drainage

Specialty Services

Don’t overlook the regular maintenance of your home. Simple inspections and care now can add years of service to the longevity of your home.

Storm Repair

The last few storms have wrecked havoc on many homes in the Lowcountry. Let DR Builders get you watertight again.

Home Renovation

We’ve grown to be one of the top contracting companies in the Bluffton and Hilton Head area. Let us show you why!

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